Anniversary tour of Mount St Helens. Universal Model author Dean Sessions and editor Russ Barlow

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Universal Model GeoTours Founder, Editor of the Universal Model, Author, Educator, Entrepreneur and World Traveler / Tour Guide

Russell H. (Russ) Barlow is the Editor of the Universal Model (UM). With a deep interest in the natural world from an early age, Barlow collected rocks, recorded the daily movement of sunspots across the Sun, and explored the surrounding mountains, but it was not until after 2000 when he began receiving formal scientific training that a real passion developed. His new understanding of geology came with a number of unanswered questions, including simple questions, such as how red and white sandstone formed. As the questions mounted, a general unease settled in that something was awry in our scientific understanding, and then he met Dean Sessions at the Tucson Rock Show in early 2005, a kindred spirit who had astonishing answers and a surprisingly sophisticated garage-laboratory.

Barlow, Sessions, and a mutual friend and Universal Model researcher, Rod Meldrum, traveled and worked together on a scientific expedition to Mt. St. Helens during the summer of 2005, sparking a life-long friendship and later partnership in the Universal Model project. After years of preparation, research, editing, and presenting, the printed release of Volume 1 of the Universal Model, the Earth System, occurred on April 6, 2017.  Work continues on Volume 2, the Living System, and volume 3, the Universe System.

 Inspiration for the development of Universal Model GeoTours began with Barlow’s organization of an excursion into the heart of Wyoming in 2017 to view the total solar eclipse that crossed North America on August 21 of that year. The success of that event motivated Barlow to open to other interested parties a trip to Iceland he already had planned. The initial offering sold out in the first weekend. Whether helicoptering along the rim of the Mt St Helens volcano, landing in a ski plane on Ruth Glacier in Alaska, diving the Great Blue Hole in Belize, or attending a special Catholic Mass at the sacred shrine of Mary, Mother of Jesus in Ephesus, Barlow loves to explore the world and loves to share the experience with others. Barlow continues to conduct local mini-tours as well as organizing other tours abroad with hopes of sharing the beauty of Earth and her geology with fellow UM aficionados. 


Russ Barlow started a successful window and door business in Utah with his father in the 1980s. Leaving the Utah branch under the direction of his brother, Henry, Russ expanded into the Las Vegas, Nevada area in 1990. Now independently owned, Hy-Bar Windows & Doors in Las Vegas has served over 10,000 clients and continues to flourish under the watchful eye of Russ & Heidi, his wife, his daughter Jessica, and his youngest brother, Hyrum.  

 Russ & Heidi Barlow, along with their three youngest continue to develop curriculum and accompanying workbooks designed to help teach UM concepts and principles in classroom and homeschool settings. Known by their “TruthSeeker” aliases, (Grace Waters, Chris Wilde, and Joe Daring) these three often accompany Barlow on romps into nature. 

Russ & his sweetheart of over 30 years live in southeast Las Vegas where they raised 15 children, a few dozen chickens, many family pets, and an occasional pig. Family gatherings dominate their time; the house is always busy with projects, experiments, and activities centered on discovery.  

Author of the Universal Model, Researcher, Educator, Entrepreneur and Tour Guide

Author of the Universal Model, Researcher, Educator, Entrepreneur and Tour Guide


Dean W. Sessions is the author of the Universal Model (UM) and founder of the Millennial Science Foundation. His study of both archaeology and geology began concurrently in 1990 in which Sessions made a number of important discoveries during subsequent years. From his initial research and experimentation, Sessions discovered a number of unanswered questions in science and other areas of study, particularly when theoretical science was involved. These findings led to a realization that significant changes throughout all of modern science needed to happen.

As the director of scientific research for the UM, Sessions continued to investigate through the 1990s with the aid of several research assistants. They gathered, reviewed, and compared thousands of peer-reviewed scientific journal articles from many scientific disciplines, and they conducted in-depth experimentation in the field and in the laboratory. Consulting scientists from a number of different fields, Sessions sought to ascertain whether certain of his new discoveries were important or previously known. Too often, it seemed, the scientific community was unaware or unconcerned with the new science evidences Sessions presented, chiefly because of the magnitude of the evidence. Receiving such evidence meant accepting an enormous paradigm shift suggesting the creation of an entirely new science. 

With research continuing after 2000, Sessions began to formalize his findings by writing and expounding the Universal Model. Beginning in 2005, Sessions conducted private presentations and taught UM concepts to determine public reaction to his new scientific discoveries. Classes and presentations continued during ensuing years to audiences in Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Idaho, to open-minded individuals interested in learning how Nature really works.

2005 proved pivotal in other ways as Sessions met Russ Barlow, who would become a significant supporter and editor of the work already in progress. Their time together kindled a lasting friendship. Work on the Universal Model project hit a significant milestone with the publishing of Volume I of the UM (The Earth System), released to the public on April 6, 2017. The subsequent release of the digital version of Volume II (The Living System) occurred September 2017, and work continues on Volume III (The Universe System). All three volumes will contain 32 chapters with more than 2,000 pages, which include research drawn from thousands of journal article references and photos from around the world.

Since the release of the Universal Model, thousands have engaged with Volume I and II and have attended UM presentations and tours where they learned firsthand a variety of new science concepts. Sessions organized The Millennial Science Foundation as an outreach to help teach and integrate new UM discoveries and to conduct ongoing research.

Dean and his wife Danette are the parents of five children and ten grandchildren, all of whom have participated in this wonderful journey discovering how Nature works and why we are such an important part of all the beauty that surrounds us.

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